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About Us

Hashmi Dawakhana is one of the largest and oldest Unani Company based out of India. Established in 1929, it has been manufacturing quality Unani medications for various life threatening diseases.

Hashmi has popularized Unani field of medication not just in India but abroad also. Unani arrived in India in the 13th century and since then has flourished to become one the safest alternative system of medicine which has also been approved scientifically.

Having started off in Amroha, a dusty town of India, it has traveled a long journey and emerged as a major brand in the field of Unani medicines. Today the fourth generation of Hakim Hashmi is looking after the operations of the company.

The company has patents for more than 32 products which it sells through its wide distributor and dealer network in India and abroad. Sikandar e azam and Mughal e azam are the major brands of the company.

The company offers free phone and online consultation and has recently embarked on selling its products online through its website and online channel partners.


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