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Boost Your Masculanity, Experience Massive Power With Sikander E Azam

Scientific Study for Penis Enlargement

Male enlargement supplements for sexual dysfunction have been found to give bigger, stronger and harder erections. There is certain scientific evidence which proves that these natural herbs work towards enhancing male libido.

As per New York Times, a study carried out by Lima based research center shows that Maca, which is a root vegetable from Peru shows it not only enhances sexual stamina but also minimizes risk of prostate cancer. Studies published in Journal of Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology support these findings.

Another beneficial herb is Horny Goat Weed which contains flavonoid icariin. As per studies carried out by Peking University, Icariin is a GMP certified specific PDE5 inhibitor which has been developed into oral effective agent for erection related problems.

Science has studied another herb called Mucuna Prurien and experiments in India have corroborated Mucuna Pruriens' aphrodisiac benefits. In another study, it has been found that males consuming seeds from this plant had improved erection and stamina within four weeks.

Ashwagandha has been found out to improve sexual powers. As per studies carried out by Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, it has been found to improve sexual performance in adults.

Ginseng is another popular natural herb for enhancement of libido. In another study, 50 men were given placebo or Korean Red Ginseng three times a day. After two months, there was considerable evidence that men who took Ginseng experienced better sexual performance as compared to men who took placebo.

You can try various herbs for improving sexual performance but it would be better if you took multiple herbal supplements comprising of all above herbs as they have their own particular strength. Some have been found to improve testosterone levels, some increased blood circulation and some enhanced sexual stamina. Together they have been found to be effective in improving male sexual functioning.


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